Ditch multiple boards. The SiQRockerTM allows you to adjust your snowboard profile from camber to full rocker or anywhere in between.



From hard-packed snow to knee-deep powder and beyond, the SiQRockerTM allows you to optimize your snowboard profile to match mountain conditions.



Don't settle. The SiQRockerTM allows you to have the best of both worlds. You will have all the benefits of a camber snowboard or a rocker snowboard when you want.



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Will the SiQRocker work with my snowboard?

The SiQRockerTM works with camber snowboard profiles and several hybrid snowboard profiles. It converts camber into reverse camber but not the other way around. So as long as your snowboard has either a camber or flat profile between your bindings, you're good to go!

Will the SiQRocker fit on my snowboard?

The SiQRockerTM is compatible with all boards that have a 2x4 or 4x4 binding bolt hole pattern. This version of the SiQRockerTM is not compatible with channel mounted binding systems, but we're working on that!

Will the SiQRocker affect the playfulness or pop of my snowboard?

When the SiQRockerTM is in the relaxed position, you likely won't notice it is on your board. When it's in the full rocker position, the flexibility of your board will be maintained because we have designed the center mechanism with a spring for exactly this purpose. In order to increase the longevity of your board, we recommend that you do not store your board in the full rocker position.

Can I store my board with the SiQRocker attached?

Yes! There is no need to remove the SiQRockerTM between session. That being said, we recommend that you do not store your board in the full rocker position. If you are not riding, remove all pressure and store your board with the SiQRockerTM in the relaxed position. Simply put: No Ride = No Rocker.

Does the SiQRocker increase the height of my bindings?

Yes, but very little. There are spacers plates included with the SiQRockerTM that will increase the height of your bindings by a total of 6 mm. We worked hard on the design to keep your bindings as close to your board as possible. 

How much does the SiQRocker weigh?

The SiQRocker weighs in at 1.85 lbs. 

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